Why It Matters: Outside Perspectives in PR & Content Creation

Why It Matters: Outside Perspectives in PR & Content Creation

You know your company inside and out. It’s your baby. You’ve been there every step of the way. You are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most qualified person to talk about it. But, you might want to consider leaving that task up to someone else, or at least seeking outside assistance.

In-house content creation is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you and your team know your business and are dedicated to making your vision a reality. There are few things more powerful than an internal drive to show the world what you bring to the table.

But on the other hand, content that is brainstormed and executed at the source can come with a lot of extra baggage that ends up detracting from your message.

Here are 4 main reasons we see over and over again to seek outside help for your sales copy:

1. Tunnel Vision

In-house teams often have focused on their own ideas and business model so hard for so long that they lose objectivity and perspective, which can adversely affect the quality and effectiveness of their output.

Bringing on a knowledgeable third-party agency to handle content creation can offset this issue, restoring a sense of balance and level-headedness to your outreach. What you think is your main selling point might actually be trivial to your target audience. An outside perspective is much more likely to pick up on these clues and correct course.

2. Bias

This problem goes hand-in-hand with tunnel vision, and while it may seem like a non-issue, your inherent bias towards your own company is detrimental to your outreach. Yes, you believe your firm outshines the competition, but your outreach should culminate in readers/ viewers coming to that same conclusion on their own, especially when relaying complex ideas to potential partners or investors.

Your ultimate goal with any kind of outreach is to drive more cash to your business, but your biased materials might be coming off as a gaudy sales pitch. As the outreach world transforms, these self-promoting strategies are less and less effective.

The most effective content should have some inherent value to the audience in and of itself, and your bias and internal pressure to try and sell yourself could kneecap your outreach. Outside teams can be key in providing real value through content. The exposure and cash will follow.

3. Staying in Your Lane

Your company is filled to the brim with experts in your industry. Maybe your team knows Wall Street inside and out? Maybe you’re experts in supply-chain or fine art? Why wear another hat when your primary one looks so good on you?

Stick to what you do best and outsource your content creation to a team of specialists who know how to communicate, break down ideas and reassemble them into sleek, accessible packages.

4. Losing Focus

Once outreach initiatives ramp up, a careful balancing act needs to be maintained. You need to seize every opportunity for exposure, but many times, this process happens simultaneously as you are putting the finishing touches on your product or service.

Employing an outside content creation and outreach team allows you to focus on crucial, late-stage fine-tuning while your hired guns keep watch and scan the news cycle and industry, inserting your name into any relevant conversation that may arise. This division of labor simplifies life for your team and helps guarantee a smooth roll out.

The best content teams will be hybrids, acting as both consultants and creators, able to communicate your ideas effectively to whoever needs to hear it. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Find an agency you can partner with and stop worrying about generating content yourself. You’re already too good at your day job.

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