Why It Matters: The Intersection of Research and PR

Why It Matters: The Intersection of Research and PR

Research and PR are, historically, two disparate areas of a business. PR professionals are experts at communication, outreach and, when necessary, saving face. Researchers tend to be bookworms and technicians who are masters of data aggregation and Microsoft Excel. In a traditional business setting, these two departments often collaborate, but their skill sets rarely overlap, and that could be detrimental to your overall business strategy.

At this point, we’re all well aware of how the digital age has transformed business. Big data, artificial intelligence and greater automation are here to stay. It goes without saying that these developing innovations have immediate ramifications for your tech teams, software builds and research efforts, but many businesses overlook their impact on your less “techy” teams.

As these complex technologies become more and more integrated into our business models, we need to find ways to effectively communicate what exactly is going on behind the curtains and why it matters. Unfortunately, many PR professionals lack the technical knowledge to properly tackle this task.

A new breed of PR and content team needs to emerge, one that blurs the lines between outreach professional and engineer. In today’s market, your business requires a team that can gather data, provide detailed analysis and relay that information in accessible, concise language for the rest of the world. Ideally, this team can consist of the same individuals, start to finish, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Who is better to interpret and communicate findings than the researcher that took the deep dive in the first place?

The problem is finding researchers who are as skilled at communicating their findings as they are at quantitative analysis. This role is especially crucial for businesses communicating technical ideas or B2B services, where accurate information relay outweighs all other factors of communication.

At The Kyrium Group, we’ve built a technically-minded team who excel in communication to fill this niche. Here are our top tips for making the most out of your research and PR efforts.

1. Start Simple

Before launching any research or PR endeavor, take time to do an internal investigation of your company and consolidate all your basic information into a single report for your own use. This document should be comprehensive, but strive to eliminate unnecessary technical jargon and lay out main ideas as simply as possible. This foundation should give your PR efforts structure and your research efforts intention.

2. One Thing at a Time

While a campaign may have many facets, make sure each individual aspect only takes on a single goal at a time. Research, PR and content creation efforts can quickly balloon into cumbersome and ultimately useless endeavors if bloat is not controlled from the start. Want to learn more about your market? Break it up into small studies. Want to explain your business model? Generate a series of blog posts tackling one issue at a time.

3. 1:1

Research firms like to propose sweeping, pricey projects, however, unless you know what you want to do with all that information from the get-go, it’s probably a waste of resources. By consolidating research and outreach under one roof, you can ensure every research endeavor is tied to a specific piece of content output and vice versa. Research is useless without analysis. Content makes less of an impact without some “meat’ on its bones.

4. An Engineer’s Mind, An Everyman’s Voice

Your job as a researcher and analyst is know your company and the market like the back of your hand. Your job as an outreach professional is to bridge the gap to the uninitiated and allow your audience to gain a similar understanding without requiring the same time commitment you put in. This task can seem daunting, but if you’ve taken the time to truly develop an understanding of your company’s information and boil it down to everyday language, you’ll be just fine.

Content and outreach are fundamentally linked to research in today’s business environment. Communicate better by consolidating your efforts into one team of experts, uniquely qualified on both ends of the spectrum to show the world your value. These two departments have been painted as polar opposites for far too long. The most effective teams will seamlessly combine the best of both worlds effortlessly.

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