Why It Matters: Content with a Purpose

Why It Matters: Content with a Purpose

A common misconception about content creation is that the primary focus is all about exposure. Let’s get as many eyes as we can on this brand on the biggest possible stage. And in some ways, that’s true, but behind the scenes of every piece of branded material should be a trail, clear as day, back to the product or service you are advertising. 

While this may seem like a no-brainer, you would be surprised at the countless campaign ideas that fly around with no real objective outside of “get press,” backed up by the worn-out mantra, “all press is good press.” Sure, this strategy might help your brand some, but any content creation team worth their salt is going to try and maximize the good a campaign can deliver. 

Ventures that fall victim to this trap are often on the smaller side, just starting out. These campaigns are often orchestrated in a scrappy do-it-yourself manner and often fail to build a cohesive vision between materials and mediums. They look at bigger companies and say “hey, we need x, y and z social media accounts, a blog, a website, a podcast, TV time… we need it all!” and then proceed to work down the list like they are shopping for groceries instead of designing a strategic outreach plan.

In the early stages, not only are many of these outlets unnecessary, they are time consuming distractions from the things that actually matter. Does your B2B finance solution really need a Facebook page? Does your cloud storage platform really need a sleek Instagram? 


Start small and slowly build your digital presence from the center out. Get that website and white paper looking spiffy and then choose one or two content forms that will really drive home what you provide as a company (not who you are, we want to establish a cash flow before anything else!).

Your next stop after you have a perfect place for your audience to land is earned media placements, which have become an overlooked art form in the days of sponsored content and “boost my post for $15.” Placements are a tricky beast to master, but the publication is free, the brand credibility unprecedented and the audience is larger than almost any other. 

There are two components to landing an earned media placement: having something truly unique to say about your industry and fostering relationships with editors at target media outlets.  I would argue the latter is a more difficult task, luckily, crafting superior quality content is your key to vaulting this barrier. 

The New York Times isn’t your first stop. Use smaller publications as building blocks, so when that HuffPost editor reviews your piece they see the treasure trove of content their smaller siblings have been scooping up right under their nose. 

After this foundation is built, you can think about sponsored post, social media, but once again, these shouldn’t be stand alone efforts. To get the most out of these outlets, you need to integrate your premier content (company pages and earned media) from earlier efforts to boost and further SEO those pages. 

Back link. Back link. Back link. Any of these “easier” forms of outreach should bolster and drive to the pieces of content you painstakingly crafted earlier. The more a page is referenced, the higher Google will place it on its search pages. No piece of content should exist in a vacuum. 

For instance, let’s break the 4th wall for a second. What is the purpose of this post you are reading right now? Well, its twofold. The first being to show that the Kyrium team knows their stuff. We want to provide inherent value to readers in the form of information while positioning ourselves as the logical next step if you want help with your outreach. The second is to drive traffic to our own services. In the weeks following publication, you can bet we’ll be hard at work on SEO optimization and supporting posts. 

This isn’t to say this post is simply and ad, it just reflects the realities of content creation and outreach in today's market, and personally, I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate this than through showing. 

To successfully build and establish your brand, you don’t need a deep wallet or an expensive agency. It certainly helps, but outreach isn’t exactly rocket science. Hopefully this post has helped send you down the right path, and if you need an experienced team to back you up, well, you know where to find us. 

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