Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


Kristian Gaylord: CEO, Founder, Allergic to noisy marketing

Originally from Asheville, NC, Kristian moved to New York City to study statistics and computer science at Columbia University. He also has a degree in Middle Eastern studies from Sciences Po Paris.

Kristian has diverse interests, and feels most at home jumping from one industry to the next, helping companies refine their sales and communication strategies all along the way.

When he’s not working, Kristian’s true love lies in the sky. He’s a private pilot and if you can’t get him to answer the damn phone, it’s probably because he’s out flying!

Email: | Telegram: @kayolord | LinkedIn


Will Cole: Project Manager, Editor, Poet

Will is our top Project Manager here at The Kyrium Group. He holds a degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been working in PR and branding for about 2 years. He’s a quick study, a clear communicator, and seriously: he has a way of putting words onto paper that few others could compare to.

In his free time, Will enjoys playing music. His band Pretend Chess (yes, they’re on Spotify) has a very unique sound, mixing brass and string sections, glitchy synths, and classical samples, and creating something that is both vulnerable and larger than life.

Email: | Telegram: @willcc | LinkedIn


Conor Stuart-Roe: Full-Stack Engineer, He With The Tech Kill Switch

Conor is an accomplished developer, systems architect, and data scientist. When the rest of us are struggling to understand how a certain technology works, we call in the heavy artillery and let Conor boil it down into something we can work with.

In his free time, Conor likes to eat great food, travel, and figure out how modern encryption standards aren’t going to be shattered by quantum computing in the next decade. He is also a prolific linguist and polyglot. If you get him started talking about language, you should go ahead and settle in for the long haul… and brush up on your Russian.

Email: | Telegram: @cstuartroe | LinkedIn


Samuel Cardwell: Media Relations Specialist, extremely attentive listener

Sam has worked as a PR consultant and earned media representative for companies across a variety of industries. From a quick and lean press release, to a captivating feature-length story, Sam can put pen to paper in a way that has top-tier and industry-specific media eager to get involved.

Sam is the mellow soul of our group and enjoys spending his time relaxing with a good book or leisurely traveling on his own schedule; he just returned from Colombia and seems to have spent the entire time eating delicious food and walking around the town — we can’t say we blame him.

Email: | Telegram: @samcardwell | LinkedIn