Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Part of our core nature is having a flexible network of teammates who we can call on anytime and trust to perform at the highest level. We maintain a very minimal management staff, which keeps our overhead low and saves you money.


Kristian Gaylord: CEO, Co-Founder, Lead Generation Specialist

Kristian is from Asheville, NC but is based in New York City. He spent much of his early career working in digital marketing and lead generation using tools like Skrapp, LinkedIn, influencers, and good ol’ fashioned face to face networking. The Kyrium Group was started after Kristian realized that a lot people he worked with over the years were some of the very best in the business. By bringing them all together under one digital “roof,” he hopes to deliver a truly exceptional marketing experience.

Kristian is an avid runner and has just started rock climbing as a way to stay in shape during the brutal New York winters!

Email: | Telegram: @kayolord | LinkedIn


Will Cole: Project Manager, Editor, Poet

Will is our top Project Manager here at The Kyrium Group. He holds a degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been working in PR and branding for about 2 years. He’s a quick study, a clear communicator, and seriously: he has a way of putting words onto paper that few others could compare to.

In his free time, Will enjoys playing music. His band Pretend Chess (yes, they’re on Spotify) has a very unique sound, mixing brass and string sections, glitchy synths, and classical samples, and creating something that is both vulnerable and larger than life.

Email: | Telegram: @willcc | LinkedIn


Conor Stuart-Roe: Head Developer, He With The Tech Kill Switch

Conor is a rare example of someone who can speak to humans almost as well as he can speak to computers. He’s an exceptional coder, systems analyst, and data scientist, and he will make it his life to ensure that technology is the very least of your problems. Conor has worked for large financial companies in the past such as Vanguard, but finds the culture of startups and small businesses to be much more fitting of his values and lifestyle.

In his free time, Conor likes to eat great food, travel, and figure out how modern encryption standards aren’t going to be shattered by quantum computing in the next decade.

Email: | Telegram: @cstuartroe | LinkedIn


Samuel Cardwell: Media Relations Specialist, Company Fireman

Sam understands journalism better than almost anyone else in the group. He’s worked as a PR consultant and earned media representative for companies across a variety of industries. From a quick and lean press release, to a captivating feature-length story, Sam can put pen to paper in a way that has top-tier and industry-specific media eager to get involved. His resume includes publications in The Huffington Post, countless Medium blogs, and well placed quotes in the likes of Forbes and and the Wall Street Journal.

Sam is the mellow soul of our group and enjoys spending his time relaxing with a good book or leisurely traveling on his own schedule; he just returned from Colombia and seems to have spent the entire time eating delicious food and walking around the town — we can’t say we blame him.

Email: | Telegram: @samcardwell | LinkedIn