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New-age approach to Marketing And business development

The Kyrium Group.

We’re a network of skilled professionals based in NYC with skills ranging from growth oriented digital marketing to award winning writing and full stack development.

Regardless of where you are in your growth cycle, we have what it takes to give your company that extra nudge.

Need new software? We’ll build it.

Haven’t been able to find that perfect copywriter for your campaign? That’s because they work here.

Ready to go to market? You focus on taking care of the clients you have; we’ll focus on finding more.



At Your Service

The Kyrium Group is a digital agency firmly rooted in the values of the modern digital economy.

We are NimbleCommunal. Decentralized

If you’d like to speak to some of our past clients, just let us know. We’ll be happy to put you in touch!


Location Location location

Local Talent

We are a truly global company: our employees and contractors live in dozens of countries around the world, work 'round the clock 24 hours per day, speak 10 different languages, and are all dedicated to providing you with the very best product and service. 

So regardless of where you are, let's meet for coffee!



We  put your company right in front of your target audience with our full marketing support staff, who work tirelessly to make sure you're getting the attention you deserve. 


Having a good developer standing by to create, trouble-shoot, and maintain your digital assets is a necessary part of any modern business. Good thing we've got you covered. 

Graphic Design

You could have the best idea on the planet, but if you can't figure out a way to make people interested, it'll remain as just that: an idea. Let us design the graphics you'll need to get the ball rolling. 

Business Intelligence

We’re experts in aggregating, cleaning, and presenting your data in ways that will help your business grow and succeed. Whether it be developing in Tableau or managing your database, you can count on us.

The harder I work, the luckier I get.
— The Kyrium Group Motto